Cappadocia region of Turkey is one of the popular destinations for the tourists. Beside the historical and natural beauties, Cappadocia has good reasons to have a hot air balloon flight. Following reasons make Cappadocia one of the best known hot air balloon flight area in the World. Cappadocia has excellent weather conditions for hot air ballooning. There are roughly 300 flyable days allowing hot air balloon flights in the area. Operates the flights just in the early mornings when the weather conditions are stable, not windy and with mild temperature. The scenery from a balloon over Cappadocia is breathtaking. While soaring between the rock formations and valleys of Cappadocia, you will have plenty of time to enjoy and photographing the scenery.

No it is not. The turbulence, which usually causes motion sickness, is completely absent in a balloon ride. The flight of a balloon is almost too smooth to describe.

The balloon is followed by a chase vehicle and the crew. They are in constant contact with the balloon pilot by radio and should be at the landing site at the same time as the balloon. Once the balloon is packed away (and the ceremonies are complete), the shuttle will take you back to your hotel.

The balloon goes wherever the wind takes it. However, pilots can seek higher or lower altitudes to find wind currents of various direction. We refer to it as the truest form of sailing.

Yes, all passengers are insured by ballooning companies which is valid all around the world in return for the highest insurance fee.

Two way transportation from/to  hotel or other accommodations.Hot drinks and snacks before the flight.Small cocktail party  after the flight.Certificate.Little presents (Depends on the company)

Our long flight offers a comfortable and intimate setting in which to enjoy the fairy chimneys. The balloons used for the long flight hold bet ween 10 to 12 passengers giving you more room to enjoy your flight. This flight lasts approximately 1 hour 30 min. ensuring that you see all this incredible area has to offer.Our standard flight uses our larger balloons. This means your flight will have any where from 16 to 21 passengers. This flight lasts approximately 1 hour. Although shorter than our long flight, the standard flight still offers you enough time to see the unique beauty of this area.

We go where the wind takes us. The sky is layered with air currents, so the pilot heats the air inside the balloon with the burner to rise into currents with different directions.We are welcome to land in the many open fields in the area we fly over. Your pilot will begin the gentle descent when he finds an appropriate landing site where we are met by our experienced ground crew.

Before we fly, we check the wind speed. Generally, we fly when there are wind speeds of less than 10 miles per hour.

Our flight is not recommended for children under 10 or adults approaching 80.