Terms and Conditions

Distant Sales Agreement
NAME: CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL (Referred to as seller or CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL hereafter)
ADDRESS: Kavaklıönü Mah. 637. Sok. Servet S-Kon Yapı Koop. Sit. A-6 Apt. No 5-1 Ürgüp/NEVŞEHİR
TELEPHONE: +90 545 227 21 32
E-MAIL: info@cappadociatravel.com.tr
All members: All buyers who are the members of CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL online shop www.cappadociatravel.com.tr and buy services. (Referred to as buyer or customer hereafter).


The subject of this agreement is to confirm the rights and obligations regarding the sale and delivery of the products, whose properties and cost are stated below, bought by BUYERS from the SELLER’s website http://cappadociatravel.com.tr in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Customers no. 4077 and Regulation on Distant Sales.

The buyer accepts and declares that he/she is clearly informed by the seller in accordance with the rules of online shopping of the name, title, full address, telephone number and other contact details of the seller; basic properties of the product; sales price including all taxes; payment method; delivery conditions and costs; use of the right to withdrawal; the authorities to which the buyer may complain. In addition the buyer accepts and declares that he/she confirms these information electronically and then he/she orders the product in accordance with the conditions of this agreement.

The notification on http://cappadociatravel.com.tr and the invoice prepared upon order are inseparable parts of this agreement.

1.) 100% of reservation fee shall be paid during reservation.

2.) Your payment includes the following:

  • Transfers to and from the take-off site.
  • Approximate one hour balloon flight depend on the weather.
  • Hot or Cold refreshments before take off (water, soft drinks, juices or tea , coffee)
  • Flight Certificate or gift depend on the flight type.
  • This is a sharing rate from 10-24 people in one basket.


1.) Balloon Companies has the right to cancel the flight in cases of the lack of reservation which is necessary for the tour, bad weather conditions, road barrier, strike, terror, and possibility of war, unpredictable technical problems and such reasons that restrain the flight even if it takes necessary measures. In such cases, the amount of Money paid by the customer is paid back and the customer cannot claim any other rights.

2.) Balloon Companies may request cancellation or change until 48 hours before the flight. The change request is evaluated upon availability. If the flight is requested to be cancelled, the amount of Money paid by the customer is paid back.

3.) The customer can transfer his/her rights of flight to another person until 48 hours before the flight. The assignee is responsible for the expenses arisen out of the dues amount or transfer with the assignor.

4.) The customers with smelling, leaking, flammable, explosive or disturbing materials and the ones with sharp, keen objects, guns and pets cannot join flights.

1.) In booking your flight with CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL you agree to listen carefully and obey your pilot’s instructions at all times.

2.) All booking requests are subject to availability.

3.) If the customer leaves the flight for any reason, he/she is considered to get and use the service.

4.) The customers joining the flight are considered to accept and guarantee the terms and conditions of this agreement after reading and approving it and making the reservation themselves or via their representatives.

5.) In the solution of conflicts arisen out of the implementation and interpretation of this agreement, Nevşehir Courts of Law and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

6.) The customer accepts that he/she can standstill in the basket during the flight. However, for the people below, flight may be dangerous and they shall consult to their doctors before the flight:

  • People having fragile bone structure
  • People using crutch
  • The people recently having an operation
  • The people with serious hip, neck and waist pains
  • Pregnant or to-be-pregnant women
  • Mentally and physically disabled people
  • Single children between 6-16 years old
  • Children under 6 years old
  • Single blind, deaf and dumb people

7.) CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL has the right to claim additional fee if the customer’s weight exceeds 100 kgs.

8.) CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL shall provide the flight service bought by the customer via website in accordance with the general conditions of the agreement announced by the company.

9.) In case of necessity CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL may cancel the announced or scheduled flight before its time by informing the customer. The customer has the right to cancel the reservation and get the money he/she paid back if he/she does not accept this change or cancellation. In such cases the customer cannot claim any compensation. However, if the payment is made via credit card, its commission is not paid back.

10.) After the flight, if the bank or financial institution does not transfer the money from the customer’s credit card to CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL as a result of its use illegally by unauthorized people, the customer is responsible for damages arisen out of this transaction.

11.) Regarding the conditions not included in this contract, The Law no. 1618, The Consumer Protection Law no.6502, The Turkish Code of Obligations no. 6098, The Turkish Commercial Law no. 6102, The Civil Aviation Law, the agreements to which Turkey is a party and the related Regulations, Instructions, Circulars and Statements will be implemented.