Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement
1. Parties

1.2. All real and legal persons using the web site

2. Definitions
2.2. Customer / Last Consumer: All real and legal persons using the website

3. Introduction
The owner of these websites is CAPPADOCIATRAVEL. Belongs to CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR and belongs to CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR. Please read the terms of use carefully before using the site. By entering and using the site, you agree to the terms of use and contractual terms of the site.
3.1. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR reserves the right to change any and all conditions and information available on the site and site extensions, including without limitation the contractual terms, without prior notice. The changes take place on the site at the time of publication.
3.2. Any dispute that may arise as a result of the use of the site is subject to Turkish law and the Urgup Courts are exclusively authorized for settlement of disputes. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR reserves the right to sue in the country where the user is located.
3.3. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR constantly checks the accuracy and update of the website. However, despite all the careful work, the information on the web pages may lag behind the actual changes. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR is presented on the web site where material and information are provided, the current status of the service may differ from the status on the site. Any information about the accuracy, correctness, accuracy, condition, performance, marketability, suitability of the information on the Web site, and any other information, services or products on or through the CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR WEB page no explicit or implied warranty is given and no commitment is made.

4. Making Changes on the Web Page
4.1.CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR reserves the right to change, reschedule and suspend the publication without prior notice, without prejudice to any information provided on the site, including terms of use, services and products available in this site and site extension. The changes take place on the site at the time of publication. These changes are deemed to be accepted by the site. These terms apply to other linked web pages.
4.2.CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, in breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any interruption, failure, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay in processing or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, alteration or use of the transaction.

5. Linking to Web Pages
It is possible to link to other sites via this site, CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on the link pages, and does not make any commitment. Some of these pages are organized by organizations outside CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, and CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR does not take any responsibility for the use of this page and associated services, he does not have a recommendation. The use of these sites is at your own risk.

6.Content Content
This contract is a contract between you and CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR is a CAPPADOCIATRAVEL service and some parts of the contract will be referred to as “us”. This contract will apply to all package services, including any updates you make during the period. All products or services will be referred to as “services” in this contract.

7. When can you use the service?
You can start using the site without registering. There are no restrictions on the type of service that you are using.

8. How can you use the service?
The conditions you need to observe while using the service are;
• Do not follow laws,
• Contracts,
• Comply with any code of conduct or any other notices we make,
• Notify us immediately when you notice a security breach of the service.

9. How can you not use the Service?
• You may not use the Service to harm us or any of our affiliates,
• You may not use any part of the Service as a destination from unwanted bulk messages or unwanted mail links from unwanted commercial messages;
• You may not use any unauthorized method to change or redirect or attempt to change or redirect the Service;
• You may not harm, disable, overload, or disrupt the Service (or networks connected to the Service), or interfere in any person’s use or enjoyment of the Service, nor may you resell or redistribute the Service or any part thereof.

10. Explanations on Cancellation or Amendments
CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR through all kinds of service transactions made through our reservation rules are considered accepted. All cancellations and amendments are made within the framework of the service agreement that is agreed upon at the time of booking and is included in the contract.
CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR must be contacted with CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR at every step of the service. Otherwise, CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR will not accept any liability for the customer’s changes, cancellations, new reservations and a different service.

11.Site Information
The photos shown on the CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR website are for general information only. The customer must consider these and similar situations when booking through CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR. For all these services, the customer makes his own reservation and no objection to CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR can be directed against any subject that does not comply with personal preferences and preferences for service.
CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, in the case of any incomplete or incorrect pricing (including pricing errors due to suppliers and / or brokerage firms) that may arise due to any disruption, will not be able to modify the relevant price and total amount to be paid or paid, .

12. Confidentiality
Your use of the service is secret to us. However, we may access or disclose information about you for the following purposes:
(1) To comply with legal procedures or legal proceedings communicated to us,
(2) Investigating or confirming possible violations of this contract, including using this service to attend or assist in unlawful activities,
(3) protect the rights, property or safety of CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, its employees, customers or the public. You consent to the access and explanations summarized in this section.
We may apply technology or other means to protect the service, protect our customers, or prevent you from violating this contract. These include filtering, for example, to block unwanted e-mail, or increasing security. These can block or interrupt your use of the service.
Identifiable personal information you send to CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR for service purposes will be processed in accordance with CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR’s privacy policy.

13. Interpretation of the contract
All portions of this contract are at maximum to the extent allowed by law. It may be a court decision that states that we can not implement a section of this contract as it is written. In such a case, you and we will replace the section with the provisions closest to the purpose of the section we have not implemented. The rest of the contract remains unchanged. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between us regarding the use of this service. This contract supersedes any previous contract or statement relating to the use of the service. If you have confidentiality obligations to the Service, those obligations will remain in effect. The section titles in this covenant do not limit the other provisions of this covenant.

14. Notices You Made to Us
You can notify us on the contact page for the service or in the “Live Support” area.

15. Confirmation of Notifications and Electronic Information We Make to You
This contract is in electronic format. We undertake to send you specific information about the service and we have the right to send you certain additional information. As far as the service is concerned, there may be other information that we need to send you. We may send you this information electronically. We have the right to revoke this authorization, but in this case we may cancel your service. We can provide you with the following information:
• by e-mail to the e-mail address you specify that you are booking the service;
Notices sent to you by e-mail will be deemed delivered and received on the transmission date of the e-mail. Unless you access or use the service, you will have the necessary software and hardware to receive such notifications. If you do not consent to receive any notifications on the electronic environment, you should stop using the service.

16. Contracting Party, Where to Solve the Law and Dispute Resolution
TÜRSAB Arbitration Committee is authorized in case of disputes that may arise from the agreement and the procedures of the mentioned board are valid. In case of dispute CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR records are taken as basis. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR may compensate the customer for any obvious changes and damages that it has suffered and damages, during the trip or after the trip, may be compensated in accordance with the provisions of the TÜRSAB Kütahya Schedule in the form of a consumer price or service offer, as well as additional services provided to the consumer during the trip and removes the right to compensation.

17. Copyright
Owner of CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR web site owner CAPPADOCIA TRAVEL. The page layout and presentation of this web page is under the ownership of CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, with information on the information, texts, images, trademarks, slogans and other marks on this page as well as programs to protect information about other intellectual property rights. You agree that you will not transmit, transmit, transmit or otherwise make available the information in this web page or any database, website, software-code of this page in whole or in part without the prior written consent of CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR , distribution, sale is prohibited. Partial copying and printing of information on this page is only possible for non-commercial personal needs.

18. Limitation of Liability
CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, this site entry, site or on-site information and other data programs, etc. or for any other reason, whether direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, tort or otherwise. CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR, in breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; we do not accept any responsibility for interruption, error, neglect, interruption of the transaction. It is accepted that any damages and claims arising from any use of CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR in connection with this site or linked sites or use of the site, including any court and other costs, are deemed to have been made.

19. Support
CAPPADOCIATRAVEL.COM.TR offers free travel counseling support from the date you start using the service until the due date.